Norwegian products will mainly be sold from international dealers.

For high res. pictures of our products, please contact us by mail. 

Our main dealer in Europe:                Schoeller Münzhandel GmbH, Austria and Germany                                                

Our main dealer in North-America:     Royal Scandinavina Mint, USA

Foreign dealers

Weka Munzhandels Gmbh,Am Lehenweg 11, 60437 Frankfurt, Germany

Modern Numismatics International, the Netherlands, www.mnint.eu

Royal Scandinavian Mint, USA     www.rsmint.com

Taisei Coins Corporation, Japan

Hwadong Co. Ltd, Korea     www.hwadong.com

The London Mint Office, United Kingdom, www.londonmintoffice.org

Skarbnica Narodowa, Poland, www.skarbnicanarodowa.pl

The South African Gold Coin Exchange, www.sagoldcoin.com

Mints and Central Banks

Central Bank of Norway
Central Bank of Denmark
Mint of Finland
AB  Myntverket, Sweden

Utskriftsversjon Utskriftsversjon